Build up Greater Website Traffic

Backlinking has become a great ration in SEO (search engine optimization) the past various years. There are a lot of software accessible that automates the entire back linking technique.

If you own your own site, this is where most of the spam comments come from.

This blurb will receive a large amount of visitors and the truth is it doesn’t really have anything valuable.

You can do the same by doing what you are about to be taught.

More and more people are starting to use these to draw backlinks to their sites with automatic backlinking programs. The programs scrape the internet utilizing keywords and posts inclusive comments in addition to a link back to their site. They look for specific ‘footprints’ that tell the systems software it accepts comments.

Here is what I did.

Build a blurb or blog post where you will have a list of these footprints (listed below). Index your piece of writing with Google and other significant search engines.

While all these programs start scouring the internet, they will come up on your blurb and you will get free traffic from all over the place, improving your analytics and alexa score.

Set your post to not collect comments so you don’t have to see any spam on their. The software will omit your article and progress on – you just received free visitors!

To keep track of your visitors you can use Google Analytics.

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